Unlock the speed limit of your electric bike with a tuning dongle kit.  
Unleash the full speed of your ebike engine and ride it like a derestricted e-bike should be!
Compatible with all Giant e-bikes from MY2017 to MY2021 onwards such as Syncdrive Sport / Pro / Life / Core drive system from model year 2017 to 2021 with the displays EVO, EVO-SG, CHARGE and PLUS, as well as the control units ONE, ERGO-SG and ERGO2-SG. 
No PC or smartphone is required. All settings are made conveniently via the e-bike display (except for RideControlONE).
RideControl ONE:
The RideControl ONE has no display. The initial setup and any future change of the settings can only be made with the RideControl app or the Giant RideControl PLUS display. 
The VOLspeed tuning chips are one of the most popular e-bike tuning devices on the market. Their popularity is due to their unique engine optimisation ‘dynamic mode’ feature that allows to reduce the annoying ‘wall effect’ of the engine when reaching maximum speed. This tuning chip completely unlock your engine to 99km/h. Another appealing feature is that the speed limit can be adjusted for reduced battery consumption. Even with the tuning active all data on the display remain accurate. 
The tuning hardware is completely incapsulated and protected by a rigid casing which guarantee for toughness, impermeability, and thus hardware longevity. The VOLspeed is manufactured in Germany.
• Completely unlock the engine for speed up to 99km/h.
• Set your own speed limit to reduce battery consumption.
• All settings can be easily made using the control buttons.
• The tuning is always switched off after switching on the bike.
• Correct total mileage of the bike even after removing the tuning module, as the kilometres are tracked in the engine control by the tuning module.
• Range calculation remain accurate even with the tuning active.
• Set a ‘softer control behaviour’ (dynamic mode) which reduces the annoying engine abrupt cut-off. This allows for a more pleasant driving experience and a constant pedal stroke. 
• The module is around 40 percent smaller than in the previous models for a better fit into the engine compartment. 
• The electronics are completely encapsulated in the housing, making them absolutely waterproof.
• Does not require any diagnostic tool for installation. 
The VOLspeed tuning chip comes with original plugs and colour-coded wires for an easy and perfect fit. Installation manuals and videos provide step by step detailed instructions and are easy to follow and understand. The VOLspeed does not require any diagnostic tool for installation.
The tuning module is plugged into the connections of the drive unit. These are located under the left engine cover. Depending on the type of bicycle, you will need different tools to remove this cover.
For the Full E +0 PRO you will require:  
Torx key TX20 / TX25 / TX30
Allen key 6mm
ISIS crank puller
Lock-ring tool for Giant / Yamaha PW-X
Chain whip (optional)
The tools required may differ for other models!
Ride Control One + Ride Control Plus VIDEO
Ride Control One + Ride Control App VIDEO
Ride Control Ergo-SG + Ride Control App (new version) VIDEO
Technical specifications
Case dimensions: 37mm x 19mm x 9mm
Cable length: approx 140mm
Weight: 0.025kg
Power consumption: 0.2W
Supply voltage: 5VDC
WEEE reg. No. DE35476192
The operation of modified electric bike on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The seller takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of tuning products. Electric bikes equipped with tuning products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. The use of tunings may void the warranty of your e-bike. We strongly recommend using safety features and protective gear to prevent injuries at higher speeds.

By far the most common reason why the chip does not work is when the small plugs of the chip are plugged into the wrong mating connectors. Unfortunately there are 2 red connectors both in red and in white. If the chip is plugged into the red connectors, the chip will not work.
Giant distinguished between more than 40 different errors conditions, all of which lead to a red indicator. The RideControl One unfortunately shows only a very roughly information on the cause of the error. Once the red LED is on, the left LEDs, which normally indicate the support level, roughly show the cause of the error in the form of a blinking LED L1 - L5.
In the very case of Red LED errors please check the magnet position first. If the problem persist then remove the tuning and follow the correct installation procedures.
If the red LED error still shows up then contact us directly for a troubleshooting solution. 
HOW TO SET UP THE DINAMIC MODE (softer control behaviour)
The VOLspeed tuning should be installed following the standard procedure without interfering with the ‘dynamic mode’ setup.  
To activate the ‘dynamic mode’ you should first ride your bike at speeds above the 10km/h with the speed mode active.
Once the tuning is set up, it should actually work permanently.
However, the tuning must always be activated first after switching on the bike. To do this, press the minus button for 3-5 seconds. Then the display should briefly show the set limit.
If this no longer works, you can try to run the setup again. To do this, press the minus button for 3-5 seconds, release it, and immediately press the plus button for 3-5 seconds. The display should show 11.1km/h as an indicator that the setup has been started. On a bike that supports up to 25km/h from the factory, no settings need to be changed. The numbers 11.1 / 10.0 and 25.0 are displayed in succession. Then the display shows 0km/h again and the tuning should be able to be activated normally.
If the setup cannot be activated either, an activation code may have been set. You can delete it by connecting the two small plugs of the chip together. The other two remain connected to the bike. Then switch on the bike and wait until the display shows 0,0km/h and switch it off again. This will delete the code. After that you should be able to activate the chip again as usual.
If the tuning can be activated, i.e. after pressing the minus button, the limit is displayed but the limit at 25km/h is not removed, most likely an incorrect bike type was set during setup. In the last step of the setup, where 25km/h is displayed by default, 32km/h and 45km/h can also be set. If this is set for a 25km/h bike, the limit will not be removed afterwards. Also in this case, run the setup again and do not change the values.
You can easily setup the tuning without the display but you will not have any feedback as to whether the setup runs without errors. However, you can use the Giant RideControl app as a display.
How to use the app: VIDEO
These displays can be easily installed on the Giant Stance E and other Giant e-bikes that comes without display. To pair the display to your bike and to the VOLspeed please follow this VIDEO
The ride Dash Evo display is only compatible if it has the ride control ERGO controller. The ride control ERGO looks like exactly as the ride control ONE but it is different!
The ERGO controller has the part number 245-FLRMSP-xx , the ride control ONE the 245-FLED28-xx. You will find the number on the outside of the operating unit.
Additionally, there must be a round connector for the EVO-Display somewhere above the battery in the down tube. We are not sure if Giant equipped all bikes with this connector.
If you decide to retrofit the EVO-Display we would recommend to contact the Giant store first to check out if it is compatible with your bike model.