What is SpeedFun Furious?
SpeedFun FURIOUS is an electronic and intelligent speed release device that requires no external power supply.

It is designed for Impulse engines to evade the speed block at 25 kmH, allowing it to increase its active assistance up to a speed of 50 Km/h, making full use of the potential of the excellent Impulse engine.

Speedup FURIOUS can be mounted very simply by interposing it between the speed sensor and the motor using original connectors that do not alter the characteristics of electrical resistance and water tightness.

Once the Furious Easy device is installed, the bicycle tachograph will show half speed and relative data making it possible, by simply multiplying by two, the calculation of the actual speed and kilometers traveled.

– EASY version For IMPULSE 2, IMPULSE 2 EVO and IMPULSE 2 EVO RS motors: from the moment of installation the device is working, always active, can not be deactivated.




The main features

– Can be assembled/disassembled at any time

– It does not need any destructive modification to the original parts of the bicycle

– Allows you to adjust speed with assistance activated even 50 kmH

– Installable in a few minutes, ready to use, plug and go

– Suitable for Impulse 2, Impulse 2 EVO, Impulse 2 EVO RS engines

– It does not need batteries or external power supply