Unlock the speed limit of your electric bike with a Bosch SpeedBox tuning dongle kit. Unleash the full speed of your ebike engine and ride it like a derestricted e-bike should be!

Compatible with the latest Bosch FW upgrade (increased torque to 85NM)
Compatible with all 2021 BOSCH engines such as Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line, Performance CX Line, including motors of the 4th generation (MY2021) with the anti-tuning software.

The new 3rd generation SpeedBox Bosch hardware has been completely redeveloped. As a result the speedometer is even more accurate and now there is an option to set up you own speed limit.

The SpeedBox tuning chip fully unlock the speed limit of your ebike allowing for speeds up to +99 km/h. All data on the display remain correct: current speed, average and maximum speed, distance, and etc. The SpeedBox can be switched ON or OFF by just pressing the WALK button on the control unit.
For Bosch ebikes without a WALK button, there is also the option to switch the SpeedBox ON or OFF by just pressing the + - + - key combination.

The SpeedBox is manufactured with high quality certified automotive industry components. The tuning hardware is completely sealed and protected by a rigid casing which guarantee for toughness, impermeability, and thus hardware longevity. Each SpeedBox is tested several times during and after the manufacturing process. Thanks to these high quality standards the SpeedBox comes with a Lifelong warranty. 

The SpeedBox tuning chip comes with original plugs and colour-coded wires for an easy and perfect fit. Installation manuals and videos provide step by step detailed instructions and are easy to follow and understand. The SpeedBox does not require any diagnostic tool for installation. After installation, the tuning is activated by pressing the WALK button, a value of 9,9 km/h (6,2 mph) appears on the display for approx. 3 seconds. This signal confirms that the tuning is activated and that the engine is now fully derestricted for speed up to +99km/h (you will run out of gears before reaching that speed).
The tuning is deactivated by pressing the WALK button, a value of 2.5 km/h (1,6 mph) appears on the display for approx. 3 second. Now, the tuning chip is deactivated and the engine support is reset to its original limitation of 25 km/h.  For Bosch ebikes without a WALK button, there is also the option to switch the SpeedBox ON or OFF by just pressing the + - + - key combination.
NOTE:  If you are planning to install the SpeedBox on a brand-new bike, make sure you ride it for at least 1 -2 km before installing the tuning.

Instruction manual video
Download Manual
View the correct wire connection

To set the maximum speed, the mode must be changed: Turbo - Sport - Tour - Eco - Tour - Sport - Turbo. The current speed limit is then displayed. To change the current maximum speed, briefly press the WALK button or turn the rear wheel 360 °. A displayed speed of 1.5 km/h corresponds to a maximum speed of 15 km/h, a displayed speed of 2.0 km/h corresponds to a maximum speed of 20 km/h, 3.0 km/h in the display corresponds to a maximum speed of 30 km/h etc. If 9.9 km/h is finally displayed, this corresponds to a maximum speed of 99 km/h. After five seconds of inactivity, the last saved limit is saved.
For the 4th generation (MY2020) Bosch motor, you must leave the ebike switched ON after you have finished your journey until the display shows a constant speed of 0.0 km/h. Within this time the display will show the remaining time in minutes. Then the ebike can be safely parked.


The operation of modified electric bike on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The seller takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of tuning products. Electric bikes equipped with tuning products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. The use of tunings may void the warranty of your e-bike. We strongly recommend using safety features and protective gear to prevent injuries at higher speeds.











The SpeedBox 3.0 Bosch has been released in January 2021 and it is compatible with all Bosch engines from 2014 to 2021 (Gen4/ Gen3/ Gen2 engines) and all FWs including the latest 06/2021 FW which allows to increase the engine torque from 75 to 85Nm.

IMPORTANT:  When using the SpeedBox 3.0 on motors of the 4th generation (produced from 2020 onwards) after finishing the ride, it is necessary to leave the bike ON until a value of 0.0 km/h is displayed. During the countdown process the remaining time will be displayed in minutes. Then it is safe to turn OFF your bike. Click HERE for more info.


The infamous Error code 504 is an anti-tuning algorithm that is triggered when certain riding parameters are exceeded (anti-tuning measures). The algorithm relies on data collected from the engine software such as speed, cadence, battery consumption, and other engine parameters to determine if the engine has been derestricted. 

According to tuning manufacturers error 504 has been triggered on only 1.5 % of the Bosch engines. In case the error 504 is triggered, we strongly advise to remove the tuning and to ride the bike for few days without the tuning installed. This will allow the bike to clear the 504 error code and reset the engine to pre-code conditions. To avoid the error to occur again we suggest to reinstall the tuning and reset the max speed to 35 km/h since no error 504 code has been reported above the 35 km/h. 

Error 504 is also triggered when the countdown procedure is interrupted. Click HERE for more info.

NOTE: It is not uncommon for the 504 error to also appear on standard bikes that have never been derestricted before. 

GEN 4: Bug in motor firmware can cause an error 504 (confirmed by Bosch, update recommend) No errors were reported so far. This update was to fix the 504 problem. & Some customers had reported an error 504. It seems that the error only occurs when a speed limit of 45kph or higher is set. For the moment we recommend to set a maximum limit of 35kph to be save.

We do strongly believe that Bosch will again release an update regarding the tampering detection as with the

GEN 3:
up to no problems so far same as gen 4

GEN 2:
No error code 504 have been reported so far. 

There is also some more reasons for a 504 error:
- defective bearings inside the motor
- a defective free hub inside the motor
- high mechanical noise from the motor
- misaligned speed sensor magnet
- crashes with the bike


Engine manufacturers are constantly working on improving their engines. They do have access to a large database of information as data is transmitted to the manufacturer each time an engine is hocked into the dealership diagnostic tool.
This data allow the manufacturers to have a better understanding on how the engine behaves/ perform under a wide range of circumstances.
Through FW updates the manufacturer is able to improve several aspect of the engine such as performance, power delivery, battery consumption and management, to smooth the engine engagement/disengagement, and to correct other parameters.
We strongly advise NOT to perform any FW updates. Updates may be possible only after they have been proven to be safe. 

Anti-tuning errors are also triggered by other factors and may not be directly attributed to anti-tuning measures. 
As an example, a FW update may be released to improve the smoothness of the engine during engagement and disengagement. This is only possible by slightly manipulating the voltage of the speed sensor. The change in the speed sensor voltage has a direct effect on the magnetic field and thus on the communication between the speed sensor and the magnet. This may not be a problem on a standard bike (restricted engine up to 25 or 35km/h) however, it may become a problem at speed higher than 32 km/h especially if the magnet is integrated into the brake rotor.

It is for this reason that we strongly advise NOT to perform any FW updates until proven to be safe. 


The tuning is undetectable by the dealer diagnostic tool however we strongly advise to remove the tuning before taking the bike in for a service.
Please make sure to request to NOT perform any FW update or to hook the bike on the diagnostic tool. 


The tuning remove the annoying speed limitation of your engine and does not interfere with the engine power and torque. With the tuning active is hard to determine the battery consumption since there are many factor involved such as riding style, terrain, cadence, and etc. As a role of thumb, aspect battery drainage to be in the +/-10%.