Fix The Puncture And Get Back To Riding
If your main motivation in life is riding bikes, whether for fitness or fun, you need a fuss-free puncture repair method that doesn't take a lot of space in your pack. When the inevitable happens, this LEZYNE TUBELESS CO2 BLASTER is the ideal solution. Just find the hole in your tyre, scour the hole with the hardened steel reamer, grab a tyre plug and thread it through the tip, thread in the CO2 cartridge, insert the plug into the tyre with the ends just sticking out, slowly open the cylinder knob to inflate the tyre and get back to riding.

Simultaneously Inflates And Seals Tubeless Tyres
This innovative 2-in-1 cycling CO2 dispenser and tubeless tyre repair kit simultaneously inflates and seals tubeless tyres. All you have to do is add the CO2 cylinder. Machined aluminium construction is both lightweight and highly durable. A CNC-machined twist knob manually controls release of CO2 gas while high quality tyre plugs aggressively seal holes that are too large to be sealed by sealant alone (hole size varies from tyre to tyre). An aluminium canister holds the five included tyre plugs and safely stores the reamer when not in use. Sleek, compact design fits in a pocket or straps to your bike (strap not included).

Box Contents
1 x CO2 Blaster Valve
5 x Tyre Plugs
1 x Aluminium Canister
1 x Seatpost Strap
CO2 Cylinders (not included)



• Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster Valve
• Simultaneously inflates and seals tubeless tyres
• Tyre Plugs (included x 5)
• Seatpost strap included (hook & loop)
• Machined aluminium construction
• CO2 tubeless tyre repair
• Hardened steel reamer
• Fits in a pocket or straps to your bike
• This kit does not include CO2 cylinders • Weight: 63g (without CO2)

Note: Sealing performance may vary based on puncture size, tire size and tire pressure.

Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster