Multi-Purpose Light With External Power Pack
Ideal for commuting in the city or ripping down a dark single-track late at night this Leyzne 1000 Multi Drive front bike light will keep you, and the pathway ahead, safely visible for hours. Switch it into Overdrive Race Mode for 1000 lumens of light which will illuminate the road well enough to see those potholes, rocks and any other threats in your path, while the separate flash modes are a sure-fire way to be noticed on the roadways any time of the day or night.

Helmet Mount Included
The machined aluminium body is compact, durable and can be mounted to either your helmet or your bar. For versatility and portability it comes with a rechargeable Infinite Light Power Pack which effectively doubles the runtimes of your light and even functions as a backup USB charger for your compatible USB rechargeable accessories. Included with the pack is a helmet mount and a connecting cable for the Power Pack.

6 Lighting Modes
The Multi Drive 1000 offers 6 combined lumen and flash modes covering everything from Overdrive to Day Flash. The 4 hour recharge session will give you 3hrs worth of full force 'Overdrive' lighting or up to 35 hours of flashing light.

Pack contents
• Lezyne 1000 Multi Drive Front Light
• Bar Mount Strap
• Helmet Mount
• Infinite Light Power Pack (Rechargeable)
• 88.9cm (36") power pack connector cable
• USB charging cable
• User Manual

• Lezyne Multi Drive 1000 LED Front Light
• Ultra-high output LED cycling light
• 1000 lumens output on OVERDRIVE setting
• Infinite Light Power Pack external battery (included)
• Helmet Mount supplied
• Day Time Flash Mode
• Direct X-Lock Mounting System
• Heat-dissipating technology prevents overheating
• CNC machined aluminium construction
• Six (6) combined lumen and flash modes
• Optional Overdrive Race Mode

Power Pack Features
• Doubles runtimes of compatible Lezyne LED units
• Quickly and securely mounts to bars, frames & helmets
• Integrated cable plugs directly into lighting systems
• Functions as a backup USB charger for compatible USB rechargeable accessories
• 20 W capacity
• Adjustable hook & loop strap
• Weight: 192g

Power Settings & Battery Life
• Blast: 500 Lumens / 5hrs 30mins
• Enduro: 250 Lumens / 11hrs
• Economy: 150 Lumens / 18hrs
• Day Flash: 500 Lumens / 17hrs
• Flash: 150 Lumens / 35hrs
• Overdrive: 1000 Lumens / 3hrs

Battery Features
• Auto Thermal Protection prevents overheating
• Battery Status Indicator changes colour from green to yellow to red as power decreases
• Battery Charging Indicator changes colour from flashing green to solid green when fully charged
• High-speed 2 Amp USB charging capabilities (when used with compatible wall adapter - not supplied)
• Battery: USB Rechargeable
• Battery Life: 3 hrs to 35 hours (depending on mode used)
• Charge Time: 4hrs

Front Light Specifications
• Water Resistant: 1 Metre (IXPX7)
• Weight: 73g
• Max Lumens: 1000
• Number of bulbs: 2
• Multi-function: Use it as a bike light, helmet light or a hand-held torch
• Disclaimer: Direct X-Lock Mounting System NOT compatible with all stems. Please see Lezyne installation manual on internet for stem compatibility

Multi Drive Chart